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Our technical expertise is aimed at providing you with rich, dynamic and data driven applications.
Our vision is to use the latest technologies in order to provide you a comprehensive solution that enables your business to succeed.


Taritas has a wide experience of working across technologies. Our team has served to business in a number of verticals right from Banks to Design & Media Agancies... more


Do you have a brilliant mobile app concept that you want to implement? Let our creative, passionate team help you create an outstanding app using cutting edge technology.

Web Development

We have designed and implemented software products for many different clients and we can do the same for you. Make us your partner of choice in the creation... more

Bespoke Software Development

While we agree that the aesthetics of an application are important, what determines how well it carries out its functions and achieves its intended purpose is its quality of build.

The strict adherence of our development team to standards and architecture refined over the years ensures that the system we provide you with will serve you for a long time to come.

You can rest assured that applications developed by us will more than meet your expectations because we are particular about following industry best practices and standards. Your applications will also be of the highest quality, developed using the latest technologies that suits your needs.

Mobile App Development

Everyone knows of the success of Apple's iPhone and iPad across the globe. And this is largely due to how usable these devices are.

Our team of experienced app developers is able to help you adapt these devices to your operations by creating iPhone and iPad applications that work on both native and cross-platform technologies.

Equally successful in the mobile marketplace has been Google's Android operation system. Many vendors of mobile devices use this as the platform for their smart phones and tablets. There are millions of applications available for this platform and many more are still being developed.

Is Android your preferred platform for mobile? Our team of seasoned mobile developers is able to create customised applications for you that run on Android.

While the Windows smart phone operating system from Microsoft is yet to attain the market share enjoyed by iOS and Android, all factors indicate that it will be a force in the near future. If you would like to exploit the functionality of this growing mobile platform, we can help.

Our team of developers has completed several projects based on .NET and we are therefore able to develop powerful, high quality applications based on the Windows phone platform.

UI Design, prototyping & CMS Solutions

Taritas has some amazing designers who not only understand the design principals but also keep in mind the user experience that your end users will have while using your products. We can help you quickly create functional prototypes for your mobile, web or desktop based applications.

It is not enough these days to put a website online and then forget about it. Visitors and search engines alike all expect your content to be regularly updated with fresh features and material. Unless you are a coding expert, this can be a tricky and time consuming process on raw HTML based websites. Content Management Systems (CMS) are handy tools designed to enable even the most non-technical members of your team to easily update your website content.

Two broad categories of CMS systems are available: off-the-shelf systems and bespoke systems. While the former offers a ready-made solution, bespoke CMSs offer flexibility that takes into account your unique needs. They also give websites a more professional look and feel while making it simple to update. Get in touch with us to learn how bespoke systems can work for you.

Our team of developers creates websites from bespoke content management systems that are sleek and business-like and robust in their functionality. For an idea of what we mean, simply browse through our own site.

QA & Testing

Nothing matters more than an application build with upmost quality. We understand there is a huge cost involved in finding & fixing the issue at later stages of development. Our team follows & adhares to the best industry standards to make sure that our deliverables are always of highest quality & bug free.

Long term Maintenance projects

We understand that not every product can be rewritten afresh & there is a need for your business to maintain your long running products to support & grow. Our team at Taritas has vast experience in maintaining & supporting legacy products.

24*7 Support

Taritas provides dedicated support plans & offers an unmatched support to its clients 24*7. We are always there when you need a helping hand.

Ready to get started

Every one of our clients has unique needs and we would like to find out what yours are so that we can design a bespoke system that best responds to them.
We would like to understand the nature of your business and how you operate so that we can develop a quality system that adequately meets your needs without straining your budget. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirement’s further.

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