Taritas is a software outsourcing company that delivers leading edge solutions for many industries.
Comprehensive knowledge of software and application development combined with offshore cost benefits enables us to deliver high-quality development services primarily focused on minimizing project costs and maximizing profit of our clients. We follow the “Right first time, on time & on Budget” approach.


A software application that is poorly designed or developed will cause frustration and exponentially growing maintenance costs and headache over time. more


As a company we have delivered many software solutions of varying size and complexity to UK and global organisations. We have gained extensive experience... more

Cost Efficiency

There is hardly any "material" to delivering software projects and almost the entire cost of building software is for time of the professionals ... more

Long Term Support

We understand how critical your software is to your business. That's why our experienced support team specialises in supporting and maintaining ... more

Our Service

Today's users and customers expect nothing less than top usability and experience from your applications. We go the extra mile to amaze them.

What Our Partners Say

Taritas provided cutting edge technical competence and innovative and cost effective software development.They recognised that flexible organisation of project management is essential in the context of creative software development.
It was this flexibility which enabled our portals to be completed on time and in budget. Also they have established an ethical framework where honesty and integrity predominate. 

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Every one of our clients has unique needs and we would like to find out what yours are so that we can design a bespoke system that best responds to them.
We would like to understand the nature of your business and how you operate so that we can develop a quality system that adequately meets your needs without straining your budget.

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